8:00 AM-8:50 AMContinental BreakfastAll StudentsThe Lounge E-105
8:30 AMDoors OpenThe Loft E-205
9:00 AM-9:05 AMDevotionThe Loft E-205
9:05 AM-9:15 AMWelcome/IntroductionGeneral AssemblyPerseus Poku & Rodney ScottThe Loft E-205
9:15 AM-10:15 AMDanny Ray (Sleight of Hand Artist)General AssemblyDanny RayThe Loft E-205
10:15 AM-10:20 AMTransition to Breakout ClassesALL STUDENTS
10:20 AM-11:45 AMBreakout ClassesALL STUDENTSVarious Teachers
6th Grade ClassIntroduction to Christian ApologeticsTroy NicholsE-211
7th Grade ClassIntroduction to Intelligent DesignShaina RobinsonE-203
8th Grade ClassScientific Evidence for God through CosmologySandi Griffith ReedE-202
9th Grade ClassScientific Evidence for God-BiologyJim MastersE-201
10th Grade ClassSafari Adventure: Introduction to Biblical ArchaeologyKayla ScottE-208
11th Grade ClassWhy We Can Definitely Trust the New TestamentTesfa WossneE-209
12th Grade ClassHow To Think Correctly: Introduction to Logic from a Christian WorldviewDoug BeaumontE-210
CollegeHow to Stay Christian in CollegeRodney ScottE-204
Parent SessionThe Legal Rights of Christian ParentsKevin SniderE-108
Parent Session 2How to Help Your Child Thrive at a Secular SchoolZach BrittonThe Loft
11:45 AM-11:50 AMTransition to General Assembly
11:50 AM-12:00 NOONInvitation to Christ/Closing RemarksGeneral AssemblyPerseus Poku & Rodney ScottThe Loft E-205